About Louis Kiefer

Paul Lombardi’s earliest memories include playing around in his mother’s workshop. He used to patch the scrap leathers he picked under the table where his mother used to cut patterns when making bags and wallets. The handmade leather bag business was started by his great grandfather in 1946. However, they needed to sell the company in the early 2000s to pay for his father’s medication when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Five years later, in 2005, his father was declared to be in full remission, successfully winning the fight against the disease. They even bought a new house in Vancouver (Ken Wyder) and had the interior redone by carpet stretching Langley (Curlys Carpet Repair) so that his father can start a new life there. Louis then decided to start a new leather bag business named Louis Kiefer in honor of his great grandfather Louis, and his dad Kiefer. His mom, Hannah, co-owns the business with him and acts as a consultant for all the various processes they need to deal with during operations. They have also made some partnerships with other businesses like a company specializing in interior painting Vancouver to furhter promote their product and to have extra income to help with his father's treatment.

Here in Louis Kiefer...

We strive for perfection. We exceed expectations.

We only use Ethically-Sourced Genuine Leather and Environmentally-Friendly Vegan Leather.

We understand how upsetting it is for other people to see genuine leather used in our bags and wallets. We have struggled with the same thoughts, even considering to switch to vegan leather entirely. However, we can’t deny that the quality of genuine leather is superior to others. Aside from being more durable, long-lasting, and waterproof, production of genuine leather also emits less carbon footprint compared to synthetic options that require lots of chemicals and plastic.

As a fair trade company, we only gather our resources from verified suppliers that have passed all standards. We traveled across the globe to find quality materials in India where leather is only collected from livestock, which recently died from natural death. To offset the further need for production, we source upcycled leather as well as surplus ones.

To the vegans, we offer vegan leathers made with pineapple leaves that are made all the way from Ghana.

Because of our efforts to stay true to our promise to create with only ethically-sourced materials, we can only accept a hundred orders a month to ensure that each bag is designed according to our standards and with utmost care. Also, you can’t rush precision. Every line has to be straight, no spare thread in sight. Each bag undergoes three quality assurance personnel before being carefully packed with our eco-friendly packaging.

We also accept custom designs. Send us an email to reserve your spot on our buyer’s list!

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